We are so excited to announce a huge addition this year to the Oregon Waterfowl Festival. We’re blessed in the Northwest to have some of the best duck and goose hunting around. We might not be as well known as areas to the east of us, but ask any hunter around here and they’ll probably say “we like it that way”.

When we were looking to grow the festival this year, we asked ourselves what other niche do we have that would fit in well with the festival and it’s goals. We needed a group of die hard hunters. We needed something that would bring diversity with a lot of vendors and fun events. We needed people that would align with the goals of our festival.

It was pretty clear from the start that elk hunting was the perfect segment to bring into the fold. It almost seemed to work too perfectly as ideas of events, contests and seminars spilled out onto the table. To get the big companies, in the waterfowl world, to come to the event we have to justify travel, expenses, and often pay special guests. So many of the big names in elk hunting are right here in our own backyard. With access to world renown hunters like Cameron Haynes, Jason Phelps, and Jana Waller, it will be the perfect addition. We also found that many waterfowlers dabble in elk hunting and most elk hunters have at least tried duck or goose hunting. Why not bring the two together?

What does this mean for you?
The price is the same, but you have twice the activities! We wanted to step it up a notch this year, and we don’t think anyone will be disappointed. Below is a list of some of the events we will be adding this year.

Where is the money going.
We still have the same goals as we always have. The festival’s mission is to give back to the fulfillment of youth related activities, regional habitat improvement and overall enhancement of the hunting experience. We will still be donating just as much as we have in the past to the waterfowl side of things, but we will now have the goal of growing to be able to give back even more and impact another are of the hunting word, that so many of us have the same amount of passion for. Leading up to the festival we will be working on a plan to make sure that the earnings of the festival is divided fairly and given back towards the mission of the Oregon Waterfowl Festival.

We hope you are as excited as we are for this brand new and exciting event. If you would like to get involved by volunteering or become a sponsor or vendor, please visit the pages for each or feel free to contact us at any time. Please sign up by using the form below to receive news and updates on this year’s festival. We’ll see you there!

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2 thoughts on “NW Elk Camp Announcement

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    Gregory A Parrott says:

    Was out of town and missed the event this year. Bummer. Don’t want to miss it next year! Do you know the dates for 2018 yet so that I can block out the calendar now? Thanks and keep up the good work. Greg Parrott

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      OWF says:

      We hope you can make it next year Greg! We are actually working on signing a contract this week for next years event. We are trying as hard as we can to get the dates out ASAP this year. Keep an eye out for dates soon.

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