“After hearing of the event for several years, I was asked to be the master of ceremonies of the 2013 Festival. It was everything as advertised and more. We have a very loyal following in the west and it was an honor to be a part of the biggest waterfowling event on the west coast.”

Fred Zink / Zink Calls & Avian-X

““The Oregon Waterfowl Festival is the most infl uential event on the west coast for waterfowlers of all ages and skill level.””

Tim Grounds / Grounds Calls

“I have been a part of the waterfowl festival since the beginning. Its growth over the years, and direction its heading, is truly exciting. This event
should be a destination for any waterfowler in the western US!”

Eric Strand / S2 Outfitters & Decoy Dancer

“I have been coming to St. Helens for the Oregon Waterfowl Festival since 2013. It rivals any waterfowl show in the country with being an awesome time and is not to be missed. See you there!”

Jeff Coats / Pitboss Waterfowl & Pitboss Fishing

“I have been a part of the Oregon Waterfowl Festival for 11 out of the 13 years of its existence, and I can honestly say it is my favorite show to attend. The volunteers work constantly to ensure that when you show up, you see the biggest names, the best products, and the nicest folks in the outdoor industry. I am happy to be a part of the tradition of waterfowling and the Oregon Waterfowl Festival.”

Mario Friendy / Zink Calls

“Summertime can be tough on a waterfowler. The only perk used to be a chance to rig and repair, train and prepare, but the Oregon Waterfowl
Festival is back and better than ever! The festival is an amazing opportunity to meet fellow waterfowlers and industry icons, plus see the latest and
greatest products.”

Dave Smith / Dave Smith Decoys

“I have attended the Festival every year since the very fi rst year and will be there again this year. I consider the Festival to be one of the highlights of my year as a waterfowler. This is a must see event for anyone who considers themselves a hard core waterfowler.”

Bill Saunders / Bill Saunders Calls