– Special Guests –

Brad Fensen

Camp Chef Cooking Seminars

Kile Jones

Calling and Hunting Seminars

Alex Langbell

Hunting Seminars

Saturday Night BBQ

Bring your friends out on Saturday night for amazing BBQ and great deals

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Waterfowl, Elk & Turkey Calling Contests

Join in the competition to win money, prizes, and a shot at the world championship. Whether you are watching or competing, this event is an impressive showcase of some extremely talented callers.

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You can’t have a family friendly event without making sure there are plenty of activities for the hunters of the future!

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The Oregon Waterfowl Festival brings some of the best hunters in the nation to give seminars . Make sure you take advantage and learn everything you can!

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Boat Blind Contests

Don’t let your hard work sit in your garage! Bring your boat and blind set ups to the Oregon Waterfowl Festival this year!


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Retriever Contests

Bring your 4-legged hunting partners out and let them test their skill and speed and you can earn some prizes while you’re at it!

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NW Elk Camp

In partnership with Sig Sauer, the NW Elk Camp is adding many new vendors, contests, activities and bringing a whole new level of excitement to our entire event.

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Overnight Camping

Just because the gates shut down for the night, doesn’t mean the festival is over! The only real way to experience the Oregon Waterfowl Festival is by staying the night after the Saturday Night BBQ.

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Vintage Collectables

Bring your vintage hunting equipment to the show to have it appraised for free!

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