Have some gear you need to sell? Bring it out to the Oregon Waterfowl Festival and set it up. Or if you’re looking for a great deal, come on down and check out the gear that is for sale. Swap will be in one containied building. The building will be locked during non-festival hours, but owner is responsible for all transacations, legal liability, and protection against loss or damage. Swappers are also responsible for any tables, racks, or displays used for the swap. Swap is not open to business vendors. Swapper are also responsible for all transactions of money. Swapper will have to sign a contract day of the festival. Swappers may take their stuff at any time. No gun transactions until further notice. Bring a boat load, and the boat, to sell! Runs concurrent with festival gates and starts Friday.

Seller Rate:

$10 Flat Fee to Offer Gear for Sale